Friday, April 30, 2010

Ah, Spring! When a Young Knitter's Fancy Turns to...Fall?

I completed Little C's "Fall Stripes Sweater and Hat" or his "Under Autumn Branches Sweater and Hat". When I'm feeling Romantic--as in Stendhal not Danielle Steele--I call it by the latter.

The hat is from this pattern,  I just didn't knit up the top again, like with the newborn hat I made a few months ago.

I messed up parts of the hat b/c I was a.) tired b.) distracted while watching TV c.) both. The correct answer is c.)  Here's another reason why I love knitting/ crocheting for babies/ kids: they're so cute, everything looks adorable on them, even a piece of knitting with a bunch of mistakes in it.

I did learn a couple things from this exercise. One, how to switch yarn colors correctly. Two, I really need to include a little pad/ paper with  my knitting so I can be more exact in what I'm doing. Part of the reason I continued to mess up the hat was b/c I kept forgetting where I was, and at one point I even mixed up the pattern with something else I'm working on (I started making increases, instead of decreasing). I used to know a knitter who was so meticulous, she even pinned notes to rows in her work with safety pins, so she could return to it easily and know exactly what she was doing. That's not my style, unfortunately. It's probably also why I am a better cook than baker; baking is much more exact.

With my third baby sweater and second hat under my belt, though, I am learning a lot and definitely improving my knitting. I feel like it might be time to try cables soon, but I have a lot of projects I should finish first. I'd also like to make some things that are a little more seasonal, maybe a crochet beach tote or a light and airy nightgown (half crochet, half fabric).

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