Friday, November 30, 2012

Quilt Block of the Month: Sept./ Oct.

Oh, dear me. This is how life is nowadays. Here we are at the end of November and I'm just posting the quilt blocks for September and October.

Other things that have been late recently:
  •  the baby's 4 month doctor's appointment
  •  my car inspection
  •  my/ my husband's flu shot
I'm also off my routine when it comes to laundry, showering, and exercising. However, I DO have almost all my Christmas shopping done and have my Xmas cards ready to send out this week, which makes me feel like I have it all together. And feeling like you have it all together is way more important than having it all together!

I've been on a small knitting/ crochet hiatus but before that hit I made each of the boys a winter hat, started some crochet animal hats for my nieces, and began a pair of mittens for Little C. I'm hoping to post some pictures of them in a more timely manner next time.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Felted Acorns

So about a month ago (sheesh!) I hosted Girls Night and we did wind up making felted acorns.

I bought felt roving from the craft store--A.C. Moore. The packs were a few dollars each.

There was a good range of color. They even had premade felt balls for sale, but that's no fun, is it?

So, to make the felt balls rip off some roving (practice the amount to get the size you want), wrap it around itself in a ball shape. Then using hot water and a small amount of soap, roll it around between your palms. The key here is not to apply too much pressure at first. As you roll it around it will get tighter and harder. Once that happens you can apply more pressure. This was a fun activity for Little C. He got to play "car wash" with his matchbox cars in the soapy water while I rolled.

Truthfully, my felt balls looked pretty bad at first until I got the hang of it.
I followed this tutorial to figure out how to do it.
These are cute just scattered around in a bowl; they can be used as gift toppers; they can be glued on place cards; or you can glue some fishing line or string to the top and use them as ornaments.
P. emailed me this picture of hers. She used fishing line and attached them to a window that hangs on her wall. Very cute.
This was one of those seemingly pointless crafts that my husband teased me about. He kept saying, "Wait, soooo you're taking real acorns, breaking off the top, then making a fake acorn out of felt and gluing the real acorn top back on?" Yes, dear. Because real acorns don't come in these awesome colors--Duh!
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