Friday, April 23, 2010

Girls Night: April

P. graciously hosted Girls/ Boys night this month, and I'm sure it was no easy feat because she is 9 months pregnant and very, very ready to have her baby right now.

In spite of her discomfort she came up with a very nice craft for us to do: embellishing kitchen/ bathroom towels with ribbon, embroidery thread, and buttons. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures (even though I reminded myself to do it while crafting). So, there are no photos of the ones the other girls made. P. stuck to a neutral palette of tans/ blacks/ browns. K. made a springy one with pink and green and flower buttons.

Somehow, despite pinning my ribbon, I started sewing in a slant. The scattered large and small felt buttons are my lame attempt at tricking the eye not to notice this. Normally I would not point out a mistake, but it is so obvious it's rather comical. I considered starting over, but I was too tired to fix it. It's my kitchen towel and the slant isn't going to kill me, now is it?

In fact, I've chosen to look at this slant as one of life's metaphors. Perhaps when we are thrown off course, those who can look at the aftermath, and actually work with what has been presented to them will ultimately be the ones who find peace and happiness whether they are heading in a straight line or not.

That's definitely a stretch for a dish towel, but you have to give me credit for trying...

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