Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Girls Night: November

K. hosted Girls Night last week and it was the perfect opportunity for me to finish adding C's name to his Christmas stocking using duplicate stitch. I had planned on lining the stocking so gifts don't get stuck on the floats inside, but there's a 50/50 chance that I will actually get around to doing that. At least the name is finished though.

Another project that's finished? P.'s Koigu Ruffle Scarf.

The yarn colors are so pretty on this--of course my camera does them no justice. If I recall correctly, P. said she had to cast on something like 600 stitches for this? I have a headache just thinking about that.

After dazzling us with her scarf, P. whipped out this ongoing project she's been working on: a cute punch needle design.

It was interesting to watch her work. Punch needle looks fun. I can definitely see myself getting into that in the future as well as embroidery. *

I don't have any pictures of K's projects, but she was working on some applique letters for personalized towels (these are great gifts) and she is still struggling with that knitted cupcake hat. It's very cute, but it might be a love-hate relationship at this point.

Hopefully I also can finish up some projects that have been hanging around too long over the Thanksgiving weekend.

K. was a lovely host as usual and the food and company were a wonderful break before a crazy holiday week.

*Painting, knitting, sewing, embroidery...what am I? A reincarnated Victorian lady?! I can't carry a tune though. So I definitely don't possess that Victorian skill. That's a real bummer too, b/c in every Jane Austen novel (or movie adaptation) there comes a pivotal scene where the heroine impresses the man she loves with her singing skills while accompanied by the pianoforte. Thank God it's 2011 and I didn't have to impress my husband with the sound of my voice.  Yeah, it must have been my knitting that did it. What guy isn't impressed with knitting?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Good Night Blue Mittens

Our Indian Summer is long gone now, and it's time I made some mittens for Little C. to keep his hands warm on our walks.

I think he likes them because he kept trying to snatch them away when I was taking the pictures.

I made them from the leftover scrap yarn from two of his hats, so they match nicely.

I've been sort of thinking about knitting mittens for him since July. Remember the unnatural influence of Good Night Moon on me? And the repetitive phrase "Good night kittens. Good night mittens" which echoes throughout the book? Again, after reading this classic hundreds of times...I broke down and had to knit some mittens for C. already!

These are from a vintage pattern from 1953, which can be found here. I had to use tiny (to me) 3.5 mm double-pointed needles, which took some getting used to. The pattern was straightforward, fast, and easy to follow; I will definitely be revisiting it again--there are sizes listed for toddler all the way to adult men/ women so the options are endless. You could also easily add a pattern, cable, etc. I think I might try a striped version next time.

I've just moved on to a project which requires gigantic (to me) 9.0 mm needles. It definitelyy feels odd to switch between the two sizes, but it also keeps me on my toes/ keeps things interesting.

Monday, November 7, 2011

I am Not Precise

As I finished my quilted mini-table runner it became very apparent that I am NOT a precise person at all.

I do tend to eyeball things, instead of relying on the easier, truer, more fool proof way of doing things, which would be measuring. Rulers. They are our friends!

Never has it been more clear to me. Society at large owes me a huge thank you.  You're welcome, Society, that I am not a surgeon, an architect, an engineer, or an accountant. You wouldn't want any of those professionals "eyeballing" their work, would you?

 I learned the hard way that from now on, so help me God, I will always square off and always use a ruler when it comes to quilting.

Despite the crazy Dr. Seuss-like lines/ angles of my table runner, I still think I'll be able to use it this Christmas. It was a great learning experience and that's the most important thing. (I used this tutorial to learn how to sew on the binding.)

And dare I say it--despite the lack of precision, I am a little proud of the thing.
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