Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Still Pregnant

 Here are the next two (May, June) blocks for the Quilt Block of the Month a-long.

By my quilt block calculations, I should be due any day now.

There are a lot of things that go through a 9 month pregnant woman's mind. Many are heavy and philosophical, others are more mundane. For example, when I drop things on the floor (which I do hundreds of times a day it seems!) I ponder a few things: 1.) Can I pick up said object with my feet? 2.) Is my toddler around anywhere to pick it up for me? 3.) Do I really need to pick it up or can I just leave it there? 4.) Why does the universe hate me?

As I spend the next few days wondering about these things, I'll be resting my enormous self on the couch and anxiously awaiting the baby's arrival. I know crafting will be non-existent for awhile, but hopefully July's quilt block will coax me back into craftland again.

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