Thursday, March 18, 2010

If at First You Don't Succeed...

So, with the success of K's yellow sweater fresh in my mind I enthusiastically and precociously set off knitting Baby C's "evening stroll on the boardwalk" sweater. You may recall that I planned on adding a tunic-style embellishment to the hem (as well as a hood and tassel ties at the neck).

Almost every night I sat with my yarn in my lap, needles clicking furiously, oozing confidence that I would easily be able to turn my vision into reality. I'm not sure where this confidence came from. I literally have knitted only one hat and one baby sweater my entire life. All of a sudden I think I'm an expert. I love it!

So, I made great progress this week before I ran out of yarn. I attempted the tunic hem and totally messed it up. I'm going to rip it out and try again. I had an art teacher once who said to "put down your paintbrush when you get tired" because that's when you're likely to mess up you artwork; you're tired, not focused, and maybe your heart's not totally into what you're doing. That's how I felt by the time I reached the hem of this sweater. I should have just put that "paintbrush" down. Anyway, I'm going to get more yarn this weekend and then spend the necessary amount of time figuring out how to make the hem I want. I know this isn't a race and I can take my time, but for some reason I want these projects completed, like, yesterday. This goes back to the recurring impatience issue.

With the boardwalk sweater temporarily on hold, I had to have something else to work on, so I cast on another sweater. It's the same pattern, but I decided to just make a crew-neck, striped sweater for Baby C. I've had these two yarns for almost a year and kept imagining them striped together. I'm using 5.5 mm needles, so it should (fingers crossed) fit him next fall.

This pattern is so versatile that I plan on making one more (at least) sweater for him using it. It will be a light blue roll-neck sweater. I'm going to get started on it once I free up some needles.

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