Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Craft Bucket List

Here is a list of some large projects I would like to tackle at some point in my life before I kick the bucket (which will hopefully occur sometime when I'm in my 90s, preferably in my sleep, maybe while wearing the following sweater with the cathedral quilt and hexagon throw pulled up over me, with a crewel pillow behind my aged head):

Cathedral Window Quilt

I love the effect you get from the folding of the fabric. It truly is a mixture of origami and sewing. I know this requires a lot of pressing, and at this point that gives me flashbacks from when I was trying to make the baby "quilt" with my gigantic pregnant stomach. I think I need a little more time to pass before I can revisit quilting.

The Dude's Sweater from The Big Lebowski

This pattern is a copy of the sweater Jeff Bridges' iconic character wore in the movie. I'm still not sure if I am willing to put the time and effort into making this. It would definitely be fun to have, but when would I wear it? Hmmm, maybe I don't want to look like The Dude afterall. And it would require a ton of time and dedication to essentially look like a slacker. I don't know if I can live with that kind of irony.

Crewel Pillows (these are from Williams Sonoma)
I really admire the Middle Eastern style of crewel work. Before I attempt this I need some tutorials (haven't really been able to find what I'm looking for), crewel needles/ hooks, and appropriate thread/ fabric. I need to research this more.

Hexagon Throw (picture from Garnet Hill)

This is the project I'm most likely to accomplish b/c it's in my skill level, and I'm very comfortable with granny squares. I really only need to think about yarn color for this.

So, these are the bigger projects on the Craft Bucket List for now. I have a lot of little things on the horizon that I'd like to accomplish, but these are the longterm committments that sit in the back of my mind. It's dusty and cobweb-y, but there are honest-to-god thoughts back there, I swear.


  1. My grandmother used to do crewel-work! I wish she was around to show us how.

  2. I would totally wear that sweater if you made it honey. I think these are all really great projects. I'm especially fond of the mideastern crewel style...I can't wait to see those someday.


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