Saturday, September 24, 2011

Round and Round We Go

I finished one of C's new winter hats this week. I figured out why I'm finding scarf knitting so tiresome--it's because I love knitting in the round so much. The row by row stopping and turning of the scarf isn't as fun as the continuous circle of hat rounds.

That made this hat a very fast and enjoyable project. Here it is on the little man. He was a perfect model for me. I think because he was watching his favorite show, SuperWhy.

Here is the inspiration picture again. I prefer the red-orange and royal blue colors of the hat in the ad, but I had limited yarn color choices; mine are more pumpkin-orange and navy.

The pattern was very easy to follow. The hat can be folded over (as I intend it to be) or it can be worn in a slouchy style which looks really cool too.

Here's my model again. A couple things about the slouchy version: C has a big head (as we established here), and I probably should have gone up to the next size for him (I used the toddler size). The slouch would look/ drape better that way. Also, if he was going to wear it this way I would not have striped the hat the way I did. Without the cuff (brim?) the scale is completely off--too much orange vs. navy.

I had only intended on making this and the other Janie and Jack inspiration hat for him this year, but truthfully, the slouchy version is so cute I think I'm going to make another one of these too! Every 2 year old needs at least three hats, right? I'm not sure of the color combinations yet though...maybe some greens, grays, blues...? It's such a quick/ fun knit. I see myself revisiting this in the years to come too. That way I'll get plenty of chances to experiment with color.


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