Saturday, September 17, 2011

Inspiration Love

Scarf Love

I am still working on my scarf. I estimate I'm halfway through. As much as I really love the pattern/ yarn/ color I have to admit that scarves are kind of boring to knit. That's too bad b/c I feel like there are a million scarf patterns out there that I want to try. I'll have to just get past that.

I'm still in love with this design though and I'm looking forward to actually being able to wear it.

Book Love

This is an awesome new book I got online. I had a gift card for Borders (which just closed its doors forever) and thought I better use it up before it became void.

When this came in the mail and I opened it for the first time, I'm not kidding, I actually felt awestruck. I even sucked in my breath for a second-- like in a gasp. I am truly a knitting geek. It's official.

The patterns and stitches are amazing to a novice like me.

I never even knew such stitches existed before.

As thorough as this book is though, I know there are many other stitches out there that I want to learn about. Not sure what I'm going to do with all this stitch information, but it's certainly handy to have as a reference tool.

Hat Love

 After I'm done my scarf, I plan on making a couple hats for Little C. this year. One source of inspiration is a Janie & Jack hat I saw from last year:

I would really love to use this as a starting point, alter the design by adding earflaps, and maybe incorporate the Norwegian Star Earflap Hat pattern from Ravelry. Little C. has an orange winter coat from Janie and Jack and this would look perfect with it.

Janie and Jack always has such charming designs, but sometimes inspiration comes from unlikely places--like junk mail. Last year I got a mailer from Tiny Prints about Christmas cards. I had already bought mine at the time, but before I threw the ad in the trash I ripped out these pictures of a couple of adorable kids with the cutest knit hats ever.

I'm going to make C. a ribbed hat following this pattern in the orange, white, and navy stripe color scheme.

And should I ever have a baby girl, you can bet your money that I will be making this cream-colored baby cable hat. I might even force a baby boy to wear it though if there is no girl!

And finally, I also love this Missoni for Target knit hat that my sister emailed me a picture of the other day:

The whole world is mad for Missoni, so you have a better shot of being struck by lightening than finding this hat in a Target store right now. I don't plan on making a hat like this, but I still love looking at it.

I'm trying to focus and finish things, taking one step at a time when it comes to all this craft inspiration, but I have really been distracted lately with all this beauty. Two bad I only have one pair of hands to knit with. The fall is such a busy time anyway; I'm really going to try to slow down, and enjoy the knitting/ crochet process this season. I don't plan on knitting/ crocheting any Christmas gifts this year (except for lots of snowflakes!), so I should have the luxury of time. We'll see how I do.

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  1. Ok, that snowflake plug wasn't directed at me at all, was it? LOL!!! - MK


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