Saturday, July 30, 2011

Make That 4

I did say that I was "obsessed with blankets", didn't I?

Now I have four blankets that I need to finish. I guess three wasn't enough pressure for me so I had to add this one into the mix.

I swear this was such an impulsive move...I wasn't planning on making this ripple blanket at all. I didn't even have the pattern in my queue on Ravelry.

But maybe I should have seen this coming: I kept talking about wanting to try a zig zag pattern here and here. If you add in my strong desire to use up stash yarn and my current infatuation with blankets I guess it all makes sense.

These are all acrylic yarns from my stash. Most of them have been used for various baby knits over the years. This blanket will be for the crib in Little C's room. He does need a blanket this year, so it will be a useful item. I debated adding the pink, but I'm sure he doesn't care about those things yet. It's more of a "nursery blanket" than a blanket specifically for him anyway. Plus, I had a lot of pink that I wanted to use up.

The ripple pattern is strangely addicting; it's hard to stop once you get going. I followed an excellent tutorial  to learn how to do it, and after a couple of rows it was easily memorized. I love seeing the blanket grow and changing the colors. I probably made the blanket a  little too wide (it's more twin bed -sized, than crib- sized) but if I ever do have a girl (again, with the baby girl talk! Sheesh.) then it would always look cute on her hypothetical big girl bed.

Anyway, before I get way too far ahead of myself, I need to finish this new project (as well as the other 3). I probably have to add 30 or so more inches in length. Hopefully I don't spontaneously start any more projects. I can't trust myself to be sure though.

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