Sunday, July 24, 2011

Obsssed With Blankets

It's really hot around here right now. So, of course in contrary madness I want to crochet or knit blankets all the time. I have three blanket WIPs currently in my closet.

Here's the roundup:

Little C's big boy blanket:

I started this in the summer of 2009 and it has made several appearances on this blog. I am starting to get that anxious and panic-y feeling about it, which usually means that I MUST complete a project as soon as possible. Two years is a little too long to languish. I'm going to try very hard to finish this up in the next few months.

Basketweave Throw:

I started this in December (2010) and am really close to finishing it! (this is an old picture).  Finishing it in almost 6 months isn't bad at all. I only have to add on about 8 inches in length and put on a border. I'm hoping to finish this by the end of the summer.

Flowers in the Snow Blanket:

Ok, confession: I have made very little progress on this blanket which was started in January 2011. I think I made one more circle and that's it. This was supposed to be my longterm craft for Girls Night. That didn't really happen b/c as it turns out, it's hard to focus on counting the stitches while under the influence. Another non-alcoholic impediment to my progress is my lack of incentive. The blue stripe blanket is definitely for Little C. and I know it will go at the foot of his bed. The Basketweave Throw will definitely be used in the family room during TV-viewing. As for this? I have no idea who it's for or where it will go. I keep thinking that it would be very pretty in my daughter's room, but I don't have a daughter!!! Ha! So I'm sure this lack of purpose has hindered my progress. I will probably keep adding a circle here and there until I figure out what I'm doing with it.

I definitely already have my hands full when it comes to my blankets...and yet I can't resist this beautiful throw (Ravelry link). Like the Flowers in the Snow blanket, I have no real reason to make this, other than for aesthetics. I love the original happy yellow, but it wouldn't go with anything in my house. I've considered going with a slate blue-gray or chocolate brown and using it in my own bedroom, but so far I haven't committed. If or until that happens, I'm sure I'll just continue to daydream about it and other blankets. It's about 100 degrees out. What else would I be doing?

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