Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Not My Knits: Baby Blanket in White

This blanket was given to me at my baby shower by my friend J. She commissioned her grandmother-in-law to make it. Later I placed it on the nursery floor and used it to take Little C.'s baptism photos. It made such a stunning backdrop with the little guy in his christening gown lying on top of it.

It's folded across the back of the chair in the nursery still, probably because I love looking at it so much. I really love this design and it is made so expertly. Nobody really knits/ crochets like a grandmother does!

I've tried to find the pattern for this online but I can't find anything exact. This pattern (from Ravelry) was as similar as I could find.

I do have a crochet book though that shows several variations on this "spider" stitch. (It reminds me more of a sun than a spider.) After flipping through the book and studying the designs I finally narrowed it down to the right stitch. I decided to give it a go and make a short swatch using scrap yarn to try it out. I'm always up for a learning experience!

One of the first things I learned was how to make a treble stitch, a stitch I've never encountered before. Another thing I was struck by was how involved this pattern was. God bless J's grandmother!

The final thing I discovered was that this pattern was not made up of granny squares. When looking at the blanket I had mistakenly thought that each of the sunbursts (or spiders) were made individually and then joined together. Not so. The pattern is made of a series of stitches row after row. What a surprise!

*Contented sigh*

I loved the blanket to start out with, but I have an even deeper appreciation for it now that I know how it was made.

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