Thursday, June 9, 2011

Girls Night: June

It was my turn to host Girls Night last week and P. showed up just in time to give me a refreshed interest in sewing again.

While K worked on her cupcake hat and I barely worked on my blanket, P. managed to whip up this skirt with ease. She still has to add a zipper, but it was really cool to watch her work.

She used this pattern for an a-line skirt--perfect for summer.

Action shot of her working with the pattern. (I've never seen this done before. K and I were mesmerized).

And the coolest thing was checking out this fine piece of machinery! A serger which P. brought over!

I kind of just sat there with the crochet blanket in my lap, and my mouth open, staring at P. work.

I also took breaks to shove these brownies and shortbread cookies in my mouth.

The chocolate chip cookie/ brownies were from a Betty Crocker mix (they were very good though) but these shortbread cookies I made following a recipe I found here. (They look much better in her photos so check them out). And they were incredibly easy. I will definitely be adding them to the Christmas Cookie list from now on. (I'm imagining them rolled in red and green non-pareils or raw sugar). They could easily be rolled in red for Valentine's Day, green for St. Patrick's Day, red white and blue for July 4th, orange and black for Halloween...ok, I'm sure you get it.

Even though I didn't get much work done on the crochet front, I found a keeper cookie recipe and learned a lot by watching P. P. also said she'd make K and me a skirt now too. That would be a good Girl's Night activity, actually. Maybe she could help us make our own skirts? I'll have to discuss it with the girls.

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