Friday, June 4, 2010

Inspired Distractions

Another creative tear is happening over here.

I wanted to try making one of these crochet necklaces ever since I saw the beautiful ones here. I had all the materials on hand. These beads are actually recycled from a broken bracelet I had languishing in my jewelry box. It's very beachy and perfect for summer. Hooray for something seasonal! These are really fun to make too. I see more of these in my future...

I've also been wanting to try my hand at applique ever since K mentioned the subject--maybe a year ago? K makes really cute hand-painted onesies and shirts but wants to try her hand at applique. I would love to try to make some designs for Little C. but applique seems like a little too much work right now. Then I saw this great idea for a stenciled, kind of faux applique look. I've already sketched a bunch of designs (turtle, rocket, radio tower, atom) but I've started cutting out the turtle first to make sure it looks ok.  In a random coincidence, I was browsing Janie and Jack yesterday and saw that they currently have a collection called Sea Turtles in their stores. Turtles are really trendy right now for one year olds, I guess.

These fun distractions are actually keeping me from finishing this white sweater though. As well as the "light and airy nightgown" and "beach tote" I've started. Oh, and my husband's friend just had a baby girl. You know what that means...another baby hat!


  1. oh my gosh! What have you been up to, girl? love that necklace! You'll have to tell me how you did that. :)

  2. The necklace is nice by itself, but stunning when the owner wears it herself!


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