Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Birthday

K's birthday was last week so I decided to make her a crochet necklace using gold embroidery thread. It was definitely harder to thread the beads on because of the metallic threads, they tend to unravel. Also, the holes in the beads are too small for a needle to pass through, so it takes much longer to thread them on.  I do like the finished product, but it is definitely fragile. I'm probably going to revisit this idea for my Girls Night in July.

It feels good to finish some things since it seems like I have a bunch of unfinished projects going on right now: crochet beach tote, crochet nightgown, tailgate sweater...I also have been thinking about Little C's "Big Boy Blanket" a lot lately. Without fail, as soon as the temperature hits the 90s, I feel compelled to crochet a blanket. I don't get it.

Even though I have made some progress on the beach tote, I don't see myself finishing it this summer. My heart isn't 100% in it. Since I like making wool blankets in the summer, maybe I'll feel an urge to finish the beach tote this winter when it's 30 degrees and snowing. That would make sense in Mommisquare land. Ditto for the "light and airy nightgown."

The tailgate sweater is right on track; I know I will finish it. I've also been trying a new pattern I'm very excited about for potential christmas gifts. Who doesn't start thinking about Christmas when it's hot and humid outside?

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