Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Girls Night: June

It was K's turn to host Girls (Boys) Night. She had us applique onesies and shirts. Even though it was very new to me, I'm really happy with how they turned out.

I made a cupcake onesie for my husband's cousin's baby. It was part of a gift for her baby blessing.

K and P helped me choose the fabrics and these really fit perfectly. I love how the striped fabric gives the appearance of a fluted paper cup.

I also made Little C a fish shirt with bubbles.

The bubbles are made out of a batik print.

K and P worked on some adorable initialed tees.

Here's a cute onesie for Baby N.

And another for Baby M.

And one for P's new neice Baby K.

I think we all could have kept making more and more of these, but, alas, Little C was pretty upset because it was waaaayy past his bedtime, and he was starting to turn into a pumpkin. Ditto for all the other little ones.

Mommy duties come first, so we put the crafts away and headed home.

I really loved this craft: you get the instant gratification high, you can make something really cute for a child, the possibilities are endless when it comes to designs...I do need to practice the sewing part. I'm still not completely sure how to use my sewing machine.

A special thank you to K for hosting such a nice gathering; We had a wicked storm trample through our area (downed trees, hail, 90 mph winds) and K had been without power for about 24 hours beforehand.

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  1. looks awesome! You're welcome. hehe :)


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