Friday, June 11, 2010

The Essential Cardigan

Another white sweater for Little C. This is--yawn--not that exciting but it is very practical. Even though I'm pretty idealistic most of the time, every now and then fierce practically surges in my veins. Little C. already has his white "Boardwalk Sweater" which he wears often (especially in the supermarket, which is like a subzero freezer), but he didn't have a nice, Sunday best sweater. That's where this "Essential Cardigan" comes in.

I used this straightforward, easy-to-follow pattern. I worked with a yarn I had that was leftover from a throw I made my nephew a couple years ago. It's a soft acrylic. I think acrylics work well for crochet afghans, throws, and hats, but now I think I know why knitters turn their noses up at it. It doesn't flow easily on your needles and it doesn't feel good on your fingers. I even got chafing on my thumb and index finger from it...for real! I never had this problem before when I used it for crochet. Go figure.

Anyway, I better get used to it because I have a lot more acrylic yarn stored away in my stash. That's what I'll be using for awhile, since I'm being so practical and all.

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