Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Quilt Block of the Month: April

I'm really getting behind on craft stuff. I've been making freezer meals, sorting baby clothes, buying baby stuff, cleaning, getting C.'s big boy room ready for him. It seems like the to-do list never ends.

It's ironic that there's always so much to do to prepare for a new baby and it's the time when you least feel like doing any of it. Lately, I get winded just making the bed in the morning.

Thankfully I can always count on these Blocks of the Month to coax me into a small craft session.
Although I have to admit, the April block wound up taking the whole month to complete!

It's exciting to see the quilt starting to take some shape. And it's fun to use the quilt blocks to tell time; in just one more quilt block the baby will be here! Ok,  a quilt block and a 1/2. (I've got 6 weeks left).


  1. that looks great!! I STILL haven't completed my April block.

  2. I really like the colors you chose! They are going to look blocks once it's all pieced together :)

  3. Thanks, guys! I can't wait to see how ours will all look when they're done! Hope the tutorial will explain how to finish it too, and not just end with the last block.


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