Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Plugging Away

 I made a little hat and bootie set for A. for her upcoming shower in May.

I used Purl Bee's Little Fair Isle Hat pattern. It was easy and fun. I'll definitely make another, maybe for my own little guy.

After finishing the hat I figured I'd make some booties to go along with it. I used this pattern. They're supposed to be booties that are guaranteed to stay on. I'll have to ask A. if that's true once the baby comes.

I like how they turned out for the most part, but I was pretty confused on the first one. Somehow I resolved any issues on the second, but I'm not sure what I did differently. The only modification I made was to add an eyelit row underneath the ribbing, to thread in the i-cord. I also made the i-cord on a US 1 needle with 2 stitches. I used Patons Angora Bamboo for the hat and booties; I give the yarn 2 thumbs up. They also make a silk bamboo that would be interesting to try sometime...

I hope she likes this little gift.

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