Thursday, April 5, 2012

Girls Night and Block of the Month: March

Here is my finished quilt block for March. I got a crazy idea last month that I was going to start another quilt in addition to this current project. I even started looking at fabric lines that I liked online and even bookmarked a few.

Then I realized I was having a baby in the not too distant future, and I was completely insane for thinking I would have the time for something like that. So it's back to focusing on this one little quilt and taking my time with one square a month. I know (from experience) that this little lull before the baby comes is the calm before the storm. I don't think it's the best idea to start something big right about now. Maybe in a few years I'll start that next quilt!

Speaking of babies/ pregnancy, our old friend A. was in from the opposite coast for Girl Nights a couple weeks ago.  It was great to see her and her pregnant belly. (She's due a month after me). K. hosted (I'm still dreaming of her baked ziti, spinach dip, and oreo truffles!) and it was so fun to get the old gang back together, even if it was just for a short time. Sigh. Of course I forgot to take any photos.

I'm still enjoying making quilt blocks each month, and I just saw the new design for April-fun pinwheels! I'll have to get the girls to update me with their blocks and get started on mine soon too.

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