Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Human beings tend to follow routines. Even when given the freedom to make alternate choices, the familiar routine seems to win out.

Case in point: when I was in college and FINALLY had the chance to sit wherever I wanted in class (no assigned seats for most classes) I always sat in the same exact seat. If someone took "my seat" before I walked in, I was mildly annoyed about it too, maybe even huffing and puffing a little bit as I sat down, like I'm the Queen of England or something and somebody sat on my throne.

Likewise, when driving to work for seven years, I always drove the same exact route. If there was a detour I'd have a near panic attack about it too, although there were numerous ways to reach my workplace. My anxiety was always so magnified you would have thought the detour was taking me to outer space.

Even now on my daily walks with Little C, I always follow the same route around the neighborhood. I'm a stalker's dream. Why the same route all the time? It just seems like the best route. Because it's the most familiar I guess.

So, what I'm trying to say here is that I'm a pretty routinized person. And it's even starting to show up in my knitting. Remember the Spring Fall Sweater I knit two years in a row? Well, here I go again with the Essential Cardigan-- 2011 edition.

When my sister and I were little I remember we both had delicate, white knit ponchos in a pretty eyelet pattern. We wore them to church a lot over our dresses in the spring when it was still chilly outside. The Essential Cardigan is kind of like my version of that for the Little Man. If he's dressed nicely I prefer a sweater over his outfit, rather than a sporty-looking windbreaker or sweatshirt. Last year's sweater was worn multiple times, so I knew I had to revisit the idea again.

I didn't really follow a pattern again, so it's not perfect. Oh well. I'm not in a contest. I added a little patch pocket on one side for a little interest and also to hold the Little Man's car keys.  I can't even imagine those days yet, but much to my dismay, time is already flying by--I'm sure he'll be driving before I can even blink.

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