Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Girls Night: January

It was my turn to host Girls Night the last week of January. Even though we had decided not to do small crafts for awhile, I had to make these pom pom flowers when I saw them featured in Country Living Magazine under Valentine's Crafts.

Since this is in keeping with my stash-busting resolution, I thought it would be nice to make the pom poms with the girls. The stems were also recycled from some of those "stick thingies" left over from Christmas. This time in green instead of gold.

The magazine showcased their flowers in antique glass bottles along a mantel. I do not have any antique bottles hanging about, so plain flower vases had to suffice.

It was definitely a fun and easy craft. And it's provided little pops of color in the house during an especially dreary Jan.-Feb.

And the best thing of all about these flowers? You don't have to water them!

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  1. Yes, flowers you don't have to water... priceless!! good craft, Lady!


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