Monday, February 21, 2011

Every Monday is New Year's Day

They say that most people abandon their New Year's resolutions by the second week of February. Because I made so many resolutions this year that was bound to happen to me, right?

Well, not exactly. Fortunately, I manage to see every week as a little year in and of itself. For example, when it comes to diet and exercise? I seem to diet strictly and exercise every day until, oh, about Friday afternoon, when  my Id takes over and starts wrecking havoc on everything. The weekend is a hedonistic blur of food and drink. The only exercise that occurs (like getting up to walk to the refrigerator) is done by accident and with disdain. By the time Monday rolls around, I have had my fill of excess and need to detox. It's New Year's Day all over again, my resolutions are fresh, my soul is wiped clean of its sins, and my saintly determination is ready to begin anew with a fervor never before seen by humanity. This feeling lasts all through the week, but then before you know it it's Friday again and my Id takes over and....yeah, yeah, you heard this part already.

I may have to start over every Mon. when it comes to diet and exercise (at least I keep trying, right?) but I am happy to report that my stash-busting resolution is still going strong. I made Little C this striped hoodie completely from scrap yarn. This is probably my favorite thing I've ever knit even though I had to weave in a TON of ends. I basically followed this pattern but knit a second hood in navy next to the striped version so I could line it. I also added some clear plastic buttons later but didn't get a picture.

Unfortunately, Little C grew a lot in the month and  half it took me to make this. I thought he would be able to wear this in the spring though he'll probably only be able to wear this for a short time. Oh well. Maybe I'll use this pattern again in a bigger size for next year.

Also finished my other 6 squares for Crochet a Rainbow

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