Monday, February 14, 2011

Charity in Focus: Crochet a Rainbow

It has been well over a year since I have participated in a crochet or knitting charity. This had been nagging at me periodically off and on, but I always seemed to push the feeling aside or get busy with other things.

I managed to keep puttering away with things...then the terrible flooding in Australia was all over the news (and then they were hit with a cyclone on top of everything else!) I felt very badly for the people suffering there as I always do during a tragic event. With this particular event, however, I was also personally worried because my favorite crochet designer/ blogger (Sarah London) lives in Australia; I hoped that she and her family/ friends were not affected.

Fortunately Sarah London was not affected in the way that I had feared. However, she was affected in a charitable way that will hopefully bring a little hope and comfort to the people who are suffering.

Sarah started a crochet group called Crochet a Rainbow. Crocheters can make brightly colored granny squares which she will then sew together to make blankets for the people who are experiencing this tragedy.

I've always admired Sarah's modern crochet designs and brilliant color combinations; looking at her work can't help but brighten your mood. I hope the blankets provide that same feeling to these poor people.

I had never made a granny square like this, which is a traditional square (I have a crochet book that calls it an "Old American Square"). This is also another great way to use up stash yarn. I've made 6 so far and plan to make some more. Then off to Australia they go!

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