Monday, August 30, 2010

Girls Night: August

Have craft. Will travel.

Our old crafting friend, A, and her husband invited us to the beach this past weekend when they were in from across the country. Since it was P's turn to host Girls Night she thought it would be a good idea to bring craft night to the shore so A. could participate too.

P. came up with a great magnet idea. You take the flattened glass marbles/ stones used in the bottom of flower vases,

attach patterned cardstock to the back with super glue,

then glue on a heavy-duty magnet.

That's it!

A. had some extended family also staying with her, so it was fun having more gals joining in the crafting mania. At one point, even one of the guys got sucked into the crafting vortex. P.'s husband wound up making a magnet too. Crafts aren't just for girls, people! One time I forced my husband to go to a bead store to make bracelets. It was purely for revenge b/c I was tired of attending so many sporting events with him. So, I figured, 'Fine. Now he's going to have to do something that he doesn't want to do.'  To my amazement, he had a great time, yukked it up with the ladies at the shop, and made a really beautiful bracelet. It was unique, out of the box, and way better than what I made. So much for getting back at him. I bet there are a lot of other men who are keeping their crafting skills hidden in the closet.

I'm really excited about my magnets, especially b/c I always forget to buy them and I really need them. Yay for practical crafts!

The girls and I discussed how much of a challenge it is to come up with good craft ideas each month. We brought up the idea of maybe picking one long-term project to work on instead of all these smaller things. We sort of did this a couple years ago when we were all working on individual quilts. We're not sure what direction we'll go in, but it sounds like a plan.

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