Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Girls Night: January

K hosted January's Girls Night 2 weekends ago. The boys were able to attend and it was fun to all get together.

K decided on a Valentine's Day craft she saw on Martha's website. The heart garland is a cute, inexpensive way to decorate around the house.

K hung hers over her fireplace.

The scrapbook paper was really pretty, and I had a good time cutting out extra hearts to hang. At one point I got way too into the "craft zone" and found myself alone at K's dining room table, contently cutting out shapes by myself. This would be a good craft to do with kids.

It was a fun night. Thanks again to K for hosting. I have Feb.'s Girls Night. I have to start thinking of a craft we can do...

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  1. It was fun. I have so much paper left over! maybe next V-day we can make our own cards or something?


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