Thursday, January 14, 2010

AAAOS (annoying acronyms and other stuff)

Here are two WIPs:

A cardigan I am unenthusiastic about and will probably rip out.

A newborn hat on circular needles.

IMHO acronyms are starting to take over everything. I see them everywhere. I know I'm not the only one who doesn't know what all of them mean. What are TPS reports IAC? IDK. Somehow I feel like a stranger to my own language.

BTW acronyms are not just for the military, government, or business, education, medical community, or facebook pages of millions of teenagers across the country. AFAIK knitters and crocheters have been using acronyms for ages now.

It took a TOT for me to figure out what some of the terms meant before I turned to my good friend, Internet ,for help. You can find a list of some knitting acronyms and abbreviations I use frequently  here  and follow this link for crochet.

I better get back to my WIPs and turn my UFOs into FOs. ASAP. Hopefully I won't have to frog any of them. BBL.

IMHO -- in my humble opinion  (or more rarely, I Might Hire Orangutans)
TPS------? this is just made up to annoy office workers
IAC------in any case 
IDK------I don't know
BTW-----by the way
AFAIK---as far as I know (or A Freckled Apple In the Know)
TOT----- tons of time
WIP------work in progress
UFO-----unfinished object
FO-------finished object
ASAP----you know this one already, right? Yes, A Soapy Angora Piglet!

Frog---not an acronym, but I didn't know what it meant for awhile. It means to pull out your knitting
BBL----be back later

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