Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hats Off to...Hats

I'm the sort of person that needs instant gratification. I can't wait for anything. If you buy me a birthday present I will NEED to know what it is long before my big day. I couldn't have found out soon enough what the gender of my baby was either. If I could have found out the day I took my pregnancy test, I would have done it. Yes, it's a personality flaw, but it's obviously part of the reason why I love these little hats and can't stop making them.

These little beanies provide immediate gratification because in only a few hours you have a completed, adorable treasure. Though there is something to be said for the satisfaction you get from working on a longterm crochet project, these little hats are becoming addictive. This pink and green version was a gift for a friend of my husband's. The original pattern can be found here.

You can customize the pattern in a variety of ways. (This pattern was the foundation of the pumpkin beanie.) Because this was for a little girl, I added the multicolored braid ties. I used a 4 mm hook for the above beanie and that should fit most 3-6 month olds.

In addition to playing with colors, stripes, and decorative stitches, I've been working on some others right now and have also been adding pom poms to the tops.
I've already made Baby C three hats. He's a really great little guy, but my only complaint is that he only has one head.

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