Friday, November 6, 2009

Once Upon a Square

I mentioned in the previous post how I'm a sucker for instant gratification. This became even more apparent to me this week as I stayed up way too late each night reading a book lent to me by my friend K. As I read the suspense/ romance Nine Coaches Waiting by Mary Stewart, I realized that I wanted to finish the entire book in one sitting so I could find out what happened--immediately. I didn't do it this time, but I have been known in the past to read ahead to find out what happens, or even read the last few pages of a book before I'm done. Yes, I'm one of those people. As I sacrificed much-needed mom sleep, it became increasingly clear that I really have a problem. Hi, My name is S and I'm impatient.

Here's another example of how crochet feeds this bad habit: I became interested in crochet again a year or two ago because I learned how to make granny squares. Just like the baby earflap hats, granny squares are like crack for a IG (instant gratification) addict like myself. Again, in only a short time you have a completed sqaure to admire. It's more satifiying than looking at the several rows you crocheted in a blanket or scarf. There are so many beautiful patterns to choose from as well. The practice squares in the picture above are a simple Solid Square; the twister blanket I made for my neice is a Circle in a Square. There are so many others I'd like to try. It's very exciting for a craft nerd like me.

The key to all granny squares, hats, mittens, snowflakes, leaves, and other motifs is to chain a circle. The beginning of this video is a good example. Once you master this easy technique, virtually all crochet doors are open to you.

I have grand plans for future blankets and pillows utilizing the dozens and dozens of different patterns, and we're not even talking about the hexagons, and triangles, and paisley motifs. The endless color combinations, the countless stitches to try...Oh, the suspense of it all! If only I could just make them all RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE! Wouldn't it be wonderful?

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