Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Great Pumpkin

Oh what is it exactly that fills my heart with so much joy when I look at a pumpkin? It's the feeling that maybe little kids feel at the sight of balloons.


Is it because they're a bright obnoxious orange; the color I have always associated with fall fun/ halloween?

Is it because they only make an appearance once a year?

Whatever it is, I love everything about them. How could you not? Can you think of another fruit (it has seeds and is therefore classified as a fruit) that is as versatile? It's an entree , a dessert, and a decoration. We don't carve up apples into Jack o' Lanterns, now do we?

In homage to the glorious pumpkin, I made this little hat. It was inspired by an adorable little beanie cap from Janie and Jack. Theirs is on the feminine side though and, ahem, was originally selling for 20 clams. Like all good crafters I thought, I'll just make one myself. Finding fault with their design (we're all critics, aren't we?) I chose to add the ubiquitous pumpkin stem so that it looked less like an orange than theirs. I also left off the leaves because I liked how it looked without them, but mostly because I have no idea how to make leaves yet.

I will learn how to do it soon and then maybe I'll rethink leaves on a cap. I DID just learn how to highlight weblinks in a blog post. If you want to know how to do that click here. I'll try not to overdo it, but I can't make any promises.

Info about the pattern: I followed a simple beanie pattern, made the stem by sc about 4 stitches in a round, without increasing any stitches, and made the curly vines by single crocheting once in a chain that was probably 20 stitches long for each vine.


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