Thursday, November 12, 2009


I received a new Garnet Hill catalogue in the mail last week. I
was so excited to see so many beautiful handmade products in its pages. From the Christmas ornaments and stockings to these stunning throws, it was a crafter's dream.

These blankets are particularly awesome, because they're crocheted! The top two are hexagon grannies (I mentioned how I have been wanting to make something with that pattern).

And this last one is--you guessed it---Circles in the Square, which I am very familiar with. Circular patterns are very eye-catching and more modern looking when it comes to granny squares, in my opinion.

I'm currently knee-deep (hand-deep?) in yarn at the moment, making a lot of holiday gifts, attempting crochet snowflakes (I spent two hours working on one before I realized the pattern I was using was flawed. I would like to stab the pattern writer with my crochet hook! Hey, that's a lot of valuable nap time to waste, people!), and constantly feeling the pull of other crochet projects I would like to try. The pre-holiday season is a very busy time for us crafters. If you know other knitters/ crocheters, I bet they have started to get that serious, game-face look. Maybe beads of sweat have started to break out on their brows. When you talk to them they have that far-away, preoccupied look on their faces? Yep, they've got a lot of crocheting/ knitting to do before Dec. 25th.

I'm going to buckle down, focus on my current projects, and finish them. Then I can start to think about these lovely inspiration pieces pictured above...or maybe I should get started on next year's Christmas gifts?

For the cost curious, the hexagon blankets are priced at $348 and the pillows at $98. The Circle in the Square blanket is priced at $128. Crafters all over are raising their prices, I'm sure.

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