Thursday, September 27, 2012

Where Did Summer Go?

I found myself asking this question as I attempted to make my August quilt block in September.

The July quilt block is at the top and this bow tie block is August's. Yes, it's the end of Sept. and no, I don't even have the fabric picked or cut for September's block. I am officially behind.

Sadly, I've done little to no knitting on my Aidez cardigan either. The baby likes to be held at night when I usually knit, and I'm kind of enjoying just doing that and nothing else. It's hard to compete with a fat, cuddly, smiley baby.

I have Girls Night this week, so that will prompt me out of this craft slump. I'm thinking of trying something fall-like: Felted Acorns. (I'm using the non-tool version).

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