Friday, August 24, 2012

Life Today

I'm still adjusting to life with two kids. (I have a feeling I'll still be saying that when they're in college.) Basically life can be summed up with this little vignette from the other day:

I had just finished feeding my older son and he was happily playing, so I started nursing the baby. As I stared off into space thinking mom thoughts I smelled the tell-tale odor of my older son's stinky diaper (this fragrance could rival the emissions of a burly lumberjack who just spent the last 24 hours drinking beer and eating bean stew.) Anyway, I tried to breathe through my mouth while my cherubic baby ate. Of course he was  blissfully unaware of the stench filling the house and seemed to take longer than usual to gorge himself. When he was mercifully finished, I laid him down gently. With little baby coos still resounding in my ear, I scooped up my older son and brought him upstairs to change the "man dump" diaper. After finally finishing that pleasant chore we went downstairs again and opened the windows to air out the place. Just as I sat down, I heard an explosion take place in the baby's diaper and the smell of sulfur began to permeate the place. And so up I went with a sigh to change the next diaper...

So to recap:  life today involves a neverending cycle of poo, a lot of running up and down stairs, and no sitting for me. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

In between poop and stair running though, I did knit this sweater for the little one.
This is my second try at this pattern. The first time I made it a couple years ago I messed up the cable pattern somehow, but didn't understand what I did.

This time I started making the same mistake...

I finally figured it out. I was reading the cable chart only from the right side. The chart is written for the right and wrong side, going left to right. Ugh. So I had to rip back.

Much better.

This is such a cute pattern. I'm not in love w/ the yarn I used (Ornaghi Filati Punto Su Punto Corallina in a discontinued color), but it's good enough and it was on sale from

I'm just proud that I was able to finish something. Life today is smelly, tiring, busy.

As things get a little more routinized I hope I have more time to work on the Aidez cardigan; I'm currently working on the back and I love the pattern. I also have to finish (ok, start) the August quilt block before the month is over.

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