Monday, October 25, 2010

Girls Night: October

What's more festive than fabric stenciled Halloween shirts?

Well, ok,  probably lots of things, but it was pretty festive at the past Girls Night with stenciled spider webs,


 candy corn,


and googly eyes scattered about

After the usual conversation and hors d'oeuvre gobbling we retired to the kitchen to drink some blood

And cast some craft spells. Oh, but mostly to eat this monkey bread:

Who doesn't like monkey?

About the craft: It was easy and practical; the kids can wear their shirts this week to school etc. About a month ago I drew out some designs on manila folders and then used a razor blade to cut them out. I had some ideas for a Frankenstein head, black cat, haunted house, and scarecrow, but I ran out of time and there were plenty of choices for the girls to choose from in the end anyway.

I wish I had done a better job selecting fabric paint colors. Ahem, yellow would have come in handy for the candy corn stencil. I recall Little C. being antsy in the craft store when buying them. Or it could have just been that I didn't think of it. Nah, I'll just blame Little C.

P. turned that little spot at the bottom of her spider web into a spider. I don't have a picture though. This "mistake" actually turned out really cute. 

I know I ate way too much (time to get back on the perpetual diet) and some people may have drunk too much (not saying any names here!) but it was a fun craft night. It's P.'s turn to host next, but instead of crafts she will be having a dinner party where we all pretend to be mature adults. I'm going to recommend that we unveil our individual, long-term craft project ideas then. I already picked out what I'll be working on. It will be a nice monotonous and easy project to work on once the Christmas knitting sweatshop closes at my house.

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