Friday, July 30, 2010

Girls Night: July

It was my turn to host Girls Night last week and I felt pretty confident that the other ladies would enjoy my crochet necklace craft that I experimented with a couple months ago.

I had beads, thread, and crochet hooks on hand. Along with the necessary chips and chocolate. P supplied my favorite: rice krispie treats. For a crafty touch she cut some into the kids' initials. And K. made a little piece of deliciousness that I have never had before: compost cookies. Here's the recipe. They're real winners, even if their name kind of turned me off--all I could think about was trash. But they taste awesome!

My old friend J came quite a distance just to visit and craft with us, which was another treat to enjoy. I really wanted everyone to enjoy the craft and walk away with something they could wear. So there was a little pressure to deliver.

We enjoyed some libations and snacks with the boys/ kids and retired into the kitchen to begin our craft. Everyone was festive. Most of us were relishing a slight margarita buzz. Our tastebuds were eagerly sampling the different snacks. The gossip was fresh. Everything was going great...

...Until my craft killed it.

This craft required 1. previous crochet experience. 2. serious concentration. 3. sobriety.

If we were happily buzzed when we started, this craft quickly sobered us up. I can't even describe the number of problems I should have trouble shooted before introducing this technique to the girls, but let's just say that our "necklaces" wound up being bracelets instead.

P and I also had to start over because we ran out of length while crocheting. K's bracelet was too mauled to even talk about (and it had nothing to do with her talent/ effort). It was really a failed, nightmare craft night. Thankfully the girls are too nice to say so.

Anyway, I really need to think of an easier, more user-friendly, more thought-out, quicker, alcohol-friendly craft for the future.

The above necklaces were made by me later, after Girls Night. I've actually worn the silver and purple beaded one a couple times already, so all is not lost. Oh well. You can't win them all.

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  1. It was a great craft night! I loved it and it made me realize that I am more crafty than previously thought :) Can't wait for the next one!


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