Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sweater Weather

Sept. has already had its cold moments, which makes crocheting sweaters, hats, and gloves feel even more appropriate. There's nothing stranger than crocheting a wool blanket in sweltering July heat. You get a lot of weird looks from people too.

Here are two finished sweaters for Baby C. This cream one fits now at 6 months and the navy will fit 9-12 months.

This is from a pattern from, but I wound up changing so much about it that there's very little resemblance to the original. It was supposed to have a hood, no collar, and the single crochets along all the seams were not there (I had to do that last minute because it was too small for the baby.) Mostly everything about this sweater was a happy mistake. I love the look of it; it reminds me of a classic irish wool sweater, but it's made with my new favorite yarn, a soft merino wool blend from Naturally Caron "Country".

The twist over stitch was also fun and a new one for me to learn.

The navy sweater is a little ho hum. Just single crochets throughout. I used some old yarn from my stash. It's a soft yarn, but the single crochets make the sweater somewhat stiff. I would probably not remake this pattern as is. The pattern was also found on Coats and Clark, but I did change it slightly. The original was made with two colors and was supposed to be striped.


  1. Love the sweaters! You are quite talented.

  2. Ahh, now it looks blue! Also, add the hood you talked about for the 1st sweater to the blue one and you might just like it more. Both are awesome no matter what you do! You are so talented, Sis!


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