Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Buttons Part 2: "A Rich Jewel in an Ethiop's Ear"

Or on an Ethiop's finger.
I love buttons so much they deserve another post... Much Ado About Nothing was on TV the other day and that got me started thinking about Shakespeare and some of his plays. I randomly thought of this quote from Romeo & Juliet and because I have buttons on the brain I started thinking of how buttons are a lot like jewelry on clothing.

Just like a necklace or pair of earrings can change a look, so too can the buttons you choose to accessorize a handmade item. Here are some of the different choices I looked at for Baby C.'s navy sweater.

Tortoise swirl:



Wooden hearts:

White plastic:

Maybe they should invent pop off buttons so you can change the look of an outfit whenever you want.
It was a tough choice, but I went with the first picture, tortoise swirl.
Footnote: I said before that "Happiness is a bag of buttons." Let me end here with a little story that happened last week. As I considered which buttons to use for the sweater, I dumped the contents of the Big Ol' Bag of Buttons on my table and started running my hands over the contents. It was then that I realized a large, shiny, black, misshapen button started moving under my hand. My surprise turned to complete disgust as I realized it was a giant cricket mixed in with the buttons I had been sorting. How the cricket became trapped in this bag, I do not want to know. All I know is what followed was some screaming and my husband engaging in cricket hunting as the evil insect hopped behind the couch. I loathe all insects (except for lady bugs and butterflies). All I can say is "Happiness was a bag of buttons."

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  1. Nice. A cricket. Eeewww! Where did you find the bag of buttons in the store, at the bottom of a box in the clearance section? LOL. Also, the hearts would have been to girly for Baby C. I definitely agree with your 1st choice. Also, you said the sweater was navy... it looks like purple on screen.


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