Wednesday, January 23, 2013


It's been a long time since I posted anything here and there are tons of excuses why like the crazy-busy holiday season, the usual much-loved post holiday sicknesses, teething insanity, terrible three know, lots of fun excuses like that.

But the biggest reason for no posts is that I have done next to no crochet, knitting, or sewing in such a looong time.

I'm totally stalled creatively b/c of the aforementioned excuses. Before this dry spell hit though I did make these cute little crochet hats for my nieces. My older niece picked the pattern out herself. And they were a big hit at Christmas.

And finally here is the hat and mitten set I made for Little C. in the fall.

He wears these all the time and they're incredibly practical.

I have to rummage around and find the pattern though, b/c I can't remember what I used.

I also have to find the little baby hat I made for Baby H. and take a picture to post. I'm sure I'll find day.

So even though there's little sleep happening over here, I do want to get crafty again. I've made zero progress on my Aidez cardigan, but I do want to finish it for next fall. I also have my zig zag blanket which is great mindless work, and I want to finish up my quilt. It should be completed by now, but I'm two blocks behind. Then there's all the sashing and finishing which is scary. I'm totally committed though and I just ordered my fabric to complete the quilt top. There's no turning back!

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  1. those animal hats are awesome! and I love the colors on C's hat and mittens!


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