Thursday, March 8, 2012


You will never believe this...wait...wait for it....

Yep, I'm sick again! After a respite of 3 days I came down with another cold, but this one has been my favorite cold so far.

(It's sad that I am so familiar with the cold viruses this year that I can pick a favorite). This time I have little nose congestion--it's mainly a sore throat. It feels amazing to breathe again! I have so much more energy!

...enough energy to finish this Presto Chango baby sweater. I made the 6 month size in stash yarn. It was a very easy pattern that knit up quickly. The entire front panel comes off (those are all working buttons). I think the idea behind that is, if the baby spits up all over the front, just take it off and button in another panel. If I was subscribing to that theory I should knit another panel. However, with my luck, the new baby will throw up on his shoulder AND the panel. Also, with my newfound nasal breathing abilities pumping energy into my body, I've been crafting up a storm and I'm too distracted to knit another. I just finished my March quilt block, I'm 99.9% finished C's big boy blanket, and I'm really close to finishing up an adorable gray vest for the new little one. 

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  1. That's beautiful!!! great job! Cannot wait to see March's block (didn't do mine yet) and the vest.


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