Thursday, January 6, 2011

Warm and Cozy

Even though I have fallen into the mom rut of wearing sweatpants most of the time (in my defense, watching after Little C. is pretty physical work; I am always crawling around on the floor, squatting to pick crap up, struggling to put him in his car seat, crib, or grocery shopping cart. Why not wear work out clothes?), I still have my finger on the pulse of what's in fashion, even if I, ahem, choose not to follow the trends.

From the fashion sidelines, I witnessed cowls make their debut last year. I was excited to see that they were still relevant this year, along with moebius scarves and plain, long circular scarves. I had noticed a great pattern over the summer for a designer-inspired cowl, and I was excited to make it as a gift this Christmas.

It was a quick knit, fun to make, and a good learning project (I learned the kitchener stitch and provisional cast on). I made a little gift tag to go with it using Picasa and Picnik too.

I had planned on making another cowl, but I didn't get around to it. There are a number of cowl and circular scarf patterns that I'm interested in knitting, but it occurred to me that I wear sweatpants ALL THE TIME! These will not be enhanced at all by a trendy scarf. Oh well, maybe I'll clean up my act this year and get off the fashion sidelines. Maybe I will resolve to stop wearing fleece 24/7. And maybe I'll even get around to knitting a circular scarf for myself. But I'll have to check first to see if they're still trendy for Fall/ Winter 2011.


  1. Give yourself at least another year before you leave those sweats behind, and only then you might find out that you don't want to leave them... LOL! Take it from another mommy who knows. - MK

  2. Very true, Mk! You know, I don't even really feel bad about the sweatpants, even if society may look down upon it!


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