Friday, November 5, 2010

Rival Hats

Most of my adult friends are pals I have from college. Some of these crazy kids even married their college sweethearts, so there's never any question about who to root for when it comes to sports.

P. attended a rival college and has had the misfortune for a number of years to listen to very energetic (heated) sports conversations regarding the majority alma mater and her school. Sometimes these discussions (diatribes) become extreme; Outnumbered P. sometimes has to put up with a lot of sports nonsense.

Soooooooooooo, I thought one way to extend an olive branch would be to fashion a couple hats for her two boys in her alma mater's colors. Much to my surprise, my knitting did not burn up in my hands as I made this hat for a rival school.

This one is for her youngest son. I used the crochet earflap hat pattern I always use and just added a pom pom to the top. I'm working on the big brother version now which is knitted, without earflaps.

Ah, bringing peace to rival schools, one knit and purl at a time.

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