Saturday, December 5, 2009

Let it Snow

It's supposed to snow today. The first snow of the season. Even though the excitement of snow wanes a little as you age (you're the one who will have to shovel it or drive in it), there's still that nostalgic anticipation that overwhelms you as you listen to the weatherpeople on TV work themselves into a frenzy. Suddenly, no other news is as important as the possibility of snow.

Outside your window the sky seems heavy with thick clouds, ready to burst with white fluff. Sometimes if it's very cold, it seems as though you can actually "smell" snow in the air before it even falls. And then, when the clouds have reached maximum capacity, snowflakes silently begin to waft down in a cottony trickle. Soft and light so that you may ask with wonder, "Is it snowing?" and then with more frequency so that you exclaim excitedly, "It's SNOWING!"

It may not snow outside today; some weatherpeople are calling for rain due to higher temperatures. However, I already have snowflakes inside to keep me company.

In a previous post I mentioned how I've been trying to learn how to make snowflakes. It can be challenging because they require such a small hook. (You can use a larger hook, but they do not look as nice, in my opinion). I also found it difficult to master the various patterns. I think I tried four or five different ones. Learning each one requires a lot of time and trial and error. Interestingly, many crocheters make up their own patterns. It can be hard to understand each indiviual's terminology when describing the pattern. Inspired by their originality and also because I was tired of following such rigid instructions, I made a free-hand snowflake. It turned out ok but was pretty uneven. I think writing a pattern would be beyond my skill level at this time. In order for there to be symmetry the stitches must be even and exact. The cerebral skills needed to do this are similar to the ones required to solve math problems. My brain balks at anything math-related,  like a horse refusing to go forward, even threatening to buck the rider. I usually take my fearful little brain for a gallup somewhere else, leaving the math problems for more experienced riders. But maybe in the future I'll attempt to tackle my math fears and write a workable pattern. Meanwhile, there are many patterns to choose from here.

I have yet to starch and block these flakes, so they don't have a crisp, uniform look. I've researched how to starch snowflakes and think that I will use the cornstarch method b/c that supposedly lessens future yellowing. It seems like a pain to starch them which is probably why I'm procrastinating. I would like to use these as gift toppers for Christmas, though, so I will definitely give it a shot soon. I'll let you know how it goes.

I'll be keeping a close watch out my window see if the real thing comes down from the clouds--crisp, uniform, and beautiful.

I also used patterns from Martha Stewart's website and some from Better Homes and Gardens.

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  1. so cute! looking forward to my gift topper. heh heh


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